IT Service Pricing Estimator

Navigating IT Service Pricing with Acme Service Company

We are currently building a pricing calculator, but feel free to use the information below to give you a general estimation of our pricing or MSP pricing in general.

When it comes to pricing IT services, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. The variability of your business’s hardware and software needs leads to different support levels and costs. We strive to cater to these unique requirements, offering a range of services that scale with your business. Let’s walk through our offerings:

  1. Time and Material (T&M): This traditional approach is billed at $75-200 an hour, suitable for businesses seeking flexibility without ongoing commitments. You pay for the support as required, ideal for sporadic IT issues or specific projects.
  2. Monitoring Plan: Priced between $50-$90 per user/device monthly, this service offers foundational oversight for your IT infrastructure. It includes routine updates, alerts, and network optimization—essential for maintaining system health.
  3. Remote Support Plan: For a monthly fee of $90-$175 per user/device, this popular plan encompasses a broader scope of IT management. While most issues are resolved remotely (90-95% of them), this package also allows for a degree of consulting and problem-solving on-site, should the need arise.
  4. All in Support Plan: At $200-$300 per user/device each month, this comprehensive plan is tailored for businesses seeking a robust IT partnership. It encompasses all elements of IT management, from hardware upgrades and dedicated consulting to business continuity planning—ensuring a predictable budgeting and a premium service experience.

In each of these plans, the pricing is inclusive of the robust suite of software and systems that Acme Service Company manages on your behalf. This includes industry-leading solutions like Microsoft 365 (optional), Crowdstrike, and other integral components that ensure your infrastructure is resilient, up-to-date, and secure.

Each business is unique, and factors such as location and size can influence the pricing structure. While metropolitan areas might carry a premium, leveraging services from MSPs in smaller markets could provide cost savings. The decision on which IT service plan aligns with your needs depends on these factors and your business’s specific requirements.

In evaluating the right fit for your IT service needs, consider the following:

  • The complexity of your current IT setup and the level of support it demands.
  • The potential for scaling your services in line with business growth.
  • The value of predictable IT costs against the flexibility of ad-hoc services.

Our goal is to offer transparent, tailored IT service solutions that align with your business objectives and ensure your technology drives your success. We invite you to discuss your needs with us, and together we’ll find the path that best supports your business’s technological well-being.